Who is the person on the street?


In my respectful view, this is the person who continues to be left out and forgotten when companies sit down to plan their strategies for working towards accessibility.

The person on the street is the one who does not have a voice at too many tables when it comes to companies engaging and communicating on how to work towards such things as equal access, better customer services for seniors and persons with disabilities, understanding the needs and requirements of said groups and so much more.


The person on the street is the senior and/or the person with a disability whose feedback and suggestions continue to be ignored because companies are still depending on mainstream developers, designers, and testers to dictate how their websites and online systems ought to be developed and rolled out to them.


I can only urge companies such as banks, tele communications entities, travel companies, restaurants, and Federal Government departments to please start changing their game plan.  Too many entities continue to ignore the person on the street.


Here is one suggestion for anyone reading and listening.

Why not hold zoom sessions and coast to coast tele town halls to engage and communicate with your clients, consumers and customers?


Just my two cents for today.

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