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Barrier-Free Canada/Canada Sans Barrieres (BFC/CSB) advocates for the Canadian Parliament to enact a strong and effective Canadians with Disabilities Act (CDA) to achieve a barrier-free Canada for all persons with disabilities.

To this end, BFC/CSB is seeking endorsements from national disability organizations to build a non-partisan community coalition. BFC/CSB would also like to identify point persons from these organizations to act as key contacts.

The steering committee of BFC/CSB has drafted a set of principles concerning a CDA that are drawn from the principles that underpin the provincial disability legislation in Ontario and Manitoba. A CDA is not meant to replace provincial disability legislation. It will complement such legislation and benefit Canadians living in provinces with and without provincial disability legislation. At this point in time, CNIB, March of Dimes Canada, Canadian Hearing Society and MS Society of Canada have endorsed the BFC/CSB principles and confirmed their support for the movement to enact a CDA. There is no individual or organizational charge for membership in BFC/CSB. Please contact Donna Jodhan, Chair of Barrier-Free Canada ( with any questions or to express your organization’s support and identify a key contact.


A man wearing boxing gloves attempts to fight his own shadow.

What is The Fear?

I have often asked myself this question and truth be told I am not really sure. All I have are ...
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A dark silhouette of a businessman sitting on a chair holding a cigar and looking out over the city at night.

What Happens When Deep Pockets Win

This is a very real and growing concern for those of us who are unable to afford proper legal representation ...
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A young boy in Aviator gear sits inside his makeshift toy airplane pretending to fly. Vintage appeal.

No Dream Is Too Big

This is the advice that I would pass on to anyone who dares to dream. It is not as difficult ...
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Barrier Free Canada Logo. Image of a light blue maple leaf with a white diagonal section of the leaf missing, giving the appearance of a circle with a line through it that bans what is on the inside. This maple leaf is intended to ban inaccessibility. To the right of the light blue maple leaf are the words, 'Barrier Free Canada' and 'Sans Barriere Canada'. Welcome to Barrier Free Canada.

The Barrier Free Canada – Canada Sans Barriers December, 2019 Newsletter – Fourth Quarter

You may also read this newsletter in either Microsoft Word or PDF Format if you prefer. Dear Friends, Barrier Free Canada ...
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President Donna J. Jodhan sits with hands clasped in a business suit to the left of the Barrier Free Canada - Canada Sans Barrieres logo.

The President’s Perspective For 2019. A Year of Revitalization. By Donna J. Jodhan

2019 was a year of revitalization for Barrier Free Canada - Canada Sans Barrieres. Our mission remained the same; to ...
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Photograph of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

Minister of Employment, Workforce Development and Disability Inclusion Mandate Letter – Office of the Prime Minister

Dear Ms. Qualtrough: Thank you for agreeing to serve Canadians as Minister of Employment, Workforce Development and Disability Inclusion. On ...
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A Canadian flag turns into a flock of birds while being planted by a man on a hill during sunrise.

Moving Forward Together Speech from the Throne to Open the First Session of the Forty-Third Parliament of Canada

Honourable Senators, Members of the House of Commons, Ladies and gentlemen, It is my pleasure to address this first session ...
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Illustration of a set of hands on a keyboard with an eye and an ear acting as outputs.

Opinion: Blocking the Disabled on the Web Means Blocking Innovation

Disabled folks like Vint Cerf and Joybubbles helped birth today’s digital world. But a lack of ADA compliance thwarts the ...
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