Who Are the Usurpers?

Who are the usurpers?   In my respectful opinion, they are the individuals and companies who loudly proclaim to be knowledgeable and expert in the field of accessibility and inclusivity but truth be told knowledge and expertise are sadly missing in their arsenals. They are the individuals who go around promoting themselves as such butContinue reading Who Are the Usurpers?

Once Again we have been Forgotten

Once again we have been forgotten   And should I be surprised?  Absolutely not!  And how can we stop some of these unpleasant surprises from happening?  I am still scratching my head!   Today it is all about the City of Toronto falling down on the job.  They recently instituted a vacant property tax wherebyContinue reading Once Again we have been Forgotten

What To Do When a Written Commitment Is Not Met

What to do when a written commitment is not met   This is what happened to me when I took 2 of my pairs of pants to have the cleaner and alterations store put in new elastic for me.   The owner agreed to have my two pairs of pants ready in a week’s timeContinue reading What To Do When a Written Commitment Is Not Met