August 2022 clips

For the month of August Donna continued her relentless pace on her various initiatives
Things may have been quieter than normal but it does not mean that Donna did not attempt to stir the pot and this she did!
Here are the highlights.

For the month of August Donna answered the following questions from her ask the coach feature
These were just some of the questions asked.
How to pick up broken egg shells from the floor
Are there any washers and dryers with accessible screens to set levels.
Best ways to vacuum.

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Donna included the following tips in her catching up with the coach feature for the August 01 issue:
1) Best Of Helpful Hints: The Kitchen
Baking with ease – Avoiding Soggy Pie Crusts.
Baking With Ease: Easy Tips For Light Flaky Crusts
Baking With Ease: Even Brown Crusts

In her August 15 issue she highlighted the following article:
What do we really know about chemicals in food Packaging?
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For the month of August Donna’s whose blind life is it anyway show “ask Donna” featured the following topics.
Week 1 –
As the advocate rights when living in condos
Week 2 –
As the author On a summer’s day
Week 3 –
As the coach picking up broken egg shells
Week 4 –
As the expert using sound to develop an accessible career
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For the month of August Donna wrote the following editorials
The Post Pandemic Landscape
What should some of our common denominators be?
I walked the walk
You can read these editorials by visiting


And a selection of her advocacy editorials can also be found at

Contributions From Founder and Advocate Donna Jodhan

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You can listen to Donna’s ask donna’s shows at
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You can read Donna’s author’s tips for August; On a summer’s day at
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You can read Donna’s ask an expert feature for August; Using sound to develop an accessible career at
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Finally! Read Donna’s product review on covered ice trays.
It’s all about preventing spills when you take ice trays filled with water to the freezer.
Published on August 04

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