July 2022 clips

For the month of July Donna continued her relentless pace on her various initiatives
Here are the highlights.

On July 05 Donna was interviewed by Jess Milton of the Leaders Debate Commission with regard to the latest report posted by the LDC.
Donna shared the following:
* Party Leaders Platforms are often not accessible in alternate formats.
* Party websites are often not accessible and navigable.
* Locations of debates need to be more accessible along public transit lines.
* More audio description is needed to ensure that those with vision impairments can identify leaders
* In addition, for audio descriptions of facial expressions of the leaders during the debates.
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Donna’s interview with Bob Branco ffor the Newsreel magazine was published in June.
This interview took place on May 25 and you can listen to this interview at
The interview focused on challenges for blind and vision impaired persons in a post pandemic landscape.
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For the month of July Donna answered the following questions from her ask the coach feature
These were just some of the questions asked.
When does one know when there are ants in their food?
When does one know when there are flies around?
What are some tips for Gardening?
Read more at http://www.donnajodhan.com/#news
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Donna included the following tips in her catching up with the coach feature for the July 01 issue:
Keeping Food Fresh:
Ice cream, lemons, and limes, and more.
In her July 15 issue she highlighted the following article:
Uses For Olive Oil
Read more at http://www.donnajodhan.com/#news
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For the month of July, Donna’s whose blind life is it anyway show “ask Donna” featured the following topics.
Week 1 –
As the advocate Examples of Provincial entities
Week 2 –
As the author Paying attention to the sea gulls
Week 3 –
As the coach Ants in my food
Week 4 –
As the expert using taste to develop an accessible career
Read more at http://www.donnajodhan.com/#news
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For the month of July Donna wrote the following editorials
What makes a leader to remember
Who is the person on the street?
Those inaccessible pin pads
You can read these editorials by visiting


And a selection of her advocacy editorials can also be found at

Contributions From Founder and Advocate Donna Jodhan

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You can listen to Donna’s ask donna’s shows at
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You can read Donna’s author’s tips for July; paying attention to the sea gulls at
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You can read Donna’s ask an expert feature for July; Using taste to develop an accessible career at
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Finally! Read Donna’s product review on ice trays with covers
To be published on August 04

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