Time to start identifying


In my humble and respectful opinion, I have waited and waited!  I have pleaded and pleaded!  I have pleaded the case of Canadians with Disabilities!  And now I do not think that I am left with any alternative but to take this course of action!


For when you lay out a case to those entities who persist and demand that Canadians with disabilities volunteer their hard earned lived experience, knowledge, and skills and they simply ignore the reasons why; then what else can I do?  Despite pointing out to these entities that they pay their researchers and students to carry out their requests and demands; then how can it be justified that Canadians with disabilities not be paid for their unique expertise?

What am I missing here?  I think that the time has now come for me to start identifying some of those guilty ones and maybe they will start to change their approaches, attitudes, and way of thinking.


I can only urge these entities to pleas stop using your researchers and articling students to do your dirty work.  We demand respect from you!  Respect is earned and not given!

I’ll start with identifying the following universities that continue to demand and request that we consult with them on a voluntary basis and are using invitations to take surveys in return for us giving out our lived expertise and knowledge!  What are some of them calling it?  “Invitation to a study opportunity.”

Universities of Ottawa, Carlton, Waterloo, McGill, and the University of Toronto.

Then we have a Federal Senator using an articling law student in her office to try and encourage us to volunteer our knowledge and expertise.

Finally we have this interesting one!

The Clyde & Co Canada LLP law firm on Bay street using one of its articling law students to request that we provide consulting on

Assistance on Improving Accessibility in Air Travel and doing this on behalf of one of their clients.


Frankly, I consider this to be embarrassing, humiliating, and downright condescending and I will commit to call out all future perpetrators!


Just my two cents for today.

Image = a big red stop sign.


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