Thoughts of a Thanksgiving


This is truly what I believe Thanksgiving should be!  To give thanks together with family and friends!

To share with others who are less fortunate!

To thank God that I live in a country that I call home.  Not one that is perfect in any way but one that continues to shelter me from all of those unfortunate circumstances such as wars, starvation, and so many other sad scenes!


I give thanks that I can still drink fresh clean water whereas there are so many in this world and even in our own country who still cannot do so!

I give thanks that I can still partake of warm food and to go to bed after having eaten a good and healthy meal and there are still too many others in this world who can only wish for this and they have no hope of being able to fulfil this wish anytime soon.

I give thanks that I have access to technology to help me live my daily life in comfort and I can only pray that many others would some day start to enjoy sooner than later.


I thank God for my family, my friends, good health, and the strength to keep on giving, sharing, and appreciating!


Just my two cents for today

Happy Thanksgiving Canada!

Image = Aerial view of a beautiful turkey dinner table packed with Thanksgiving festivities such as apple pie, corn, muffins, fruits and vegetables and a wide assortment of pumpkins. Friends / family hold hands at table. Celebration. Traditional dinner concept.



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