The duck and the eagle


In my humble and respectful view most of us either fall into the duck category or the eagle category. So what am I squawking about today?  Here it is!


If your preference is to complain first then seek another strategy to deal with things; you definitely fall into the duck category as most all of the time ducks squawk about almost everything.


Ducks squawk even when there is really nothing to squawk about.  They seem to look for things to squawk about.  They love to argue and love to complain about the smallest of things.


On the other hand, eagles soar.  They fly so very high!  Almost all of the time.  They soar whenever they perceive or encounter a problem.  They soar in response to potential danger!  They soar whenever they are happy!  They are always soaring!


For me, I choose to soar like an eagle as often as I can as I truly believe that this is the best way for me to live life!


Just my two cents for today.

Image = Birds fly above a beautiful beach.

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