The dental office dilemma


In writing this editorial, my main objective here is to find ways to better engage and communicate with this dental office.  Here is the picture.


I have been accompanying my elderly mom to this dental office because she is hard of hearing and has difficulty walking.  I have repeatedly gone out of my way to talk with the staff and have told them that I need to be included in communications with my mom so that I can explain things to her.


For the most part, The dental staff has refused to communicate directly with me.  First, they wanted to communicate with my friend because they thought that she was the care giver and when I told them that she was my friend they did not seem to believe me.


They asked for her phone number and when I refused to give it they seemed to understand my explanation but still continued to avoid including me in any communication with my mom.

In addition, I requested that they not send me any text messages but to phone me when it came to appointment reminders but they continue to persist in sending text messages in addition to phoning me.


I have spoken to the head dentist who is also the owner and I am not sure where her questions were coming from but she asked these questions:

  • Was I my mom’s legal guardian?
  • Why was my friend accompanying mom and me to the office?

In response, I told her that I was not my mom’s legal guardian; I was there to ensure that mom understood communicating because of her hearing problem.

And that my friend was there because she drove me to the office because I am blind and do not drive.


Maybe someone reading this could provide some insight but for now mine is that the staff at this office is either not comfortable  communicating with me because of my vision impairment or that they do not think that I understand them.


Just my two cents for today.

Image = a sign of the dental office


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