Saying so long to the sheriff


As they say, nothing lasts forever and good things must come to an end!  This is how it was when I received a personal farewell letter from the now immediate past CEO of the Canadian Human Rights Commission Marie-Claude Landry.


Yes!  I was sort of expecting for this to take place but no!  I did not expect to receive her personal email.  It will probably be one of the most privileged and humbling experiences for me that I will probably ever receive.


Madam Landry brought so much to the CHRC; dignity, respect, commitment and an honest propensity for dedication and trust.  She was a lady of her word and always had time to speak to me personally.  I also learned from others that her door was always opened despite her very busy schedule.


Now we wait to see who will succeed her and whoever it is, I humbly submit that they will have really oversized shoes to fill.


I thank Madame Landry for having tried so hard to put Canadians with disabilities in their rightful place!

You gave it your very best and yes!  You made some very important strides and I can only hope that your successor carries on your wonderful work.

I always referred to you as the Sheriff and I only meant it as it was supposed to have been meant! The person who took charge  and took responsibility for whatever came!




Just my two cents for today!

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