It is only through us and for us


In early April and after almost three years after the promised appointment, the Federal Government announced the appointment of a Chief Accessibility Officer.  Then in late April it followed up with another promised appointment again almost 3 years after the promise when it announced the appointment of an Accessibility Commissioner.


These two very important appointments resulted after the milestone Bill C81 came into being on July 11 2019.


For whereas I am relieved and thrilled that these two appointments have finally been made, I’d like to respectfully submit the following feedback.


These two appointments are of two lawyers/legal minds which in itself is goodness.  However, these two individuals are somewhat obscure and relatively unknown to many Canadians with disabilities across Canada.


This means that one of the most important first duties for these two appointees would be for them to seriously engage and communicate with Canadians with disabilities coast to coast.  To reach out, learn the pulse of these communities, listen and learn, and work with them and not for them.


In short, it is only with us and for us that the job can be carried out most effectively!  Nothing else matters.

Finally, I urge these two appointees to seriously consider ways to engage and communicate much sooner rather than later.


Just my two cents for today.

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