Gazing through my Crystal ball


The crystal ball is often not very accurate or reliable when it comes to using it as a predicting tool.  Nevertheless.  However, for 2022 I am going to use it as an informal way of expressing my thoughts.


In looking through my crystal ball for 2022,  here is what I am seeing. I’ll add here that these are just my very own expressions of predictions and not those of another.   So now let’s clean off my crystal ball and get down to some business.


For 2022, my crystal ball tells me that this Federal Government is going to have its hands full when it comes to being able to convince its departments to follow the regulations of the accessible Canada Act that was legislated in July 2019.  Many departments will continue to try and find ways to work around these regulations but there will be a few that will decide to make efforts to comply.


Federally legislated entities such as banks and tele communications companies will be slow to start conforming.  Instead they will continue to protest that these regulations will affect their bottom lines.


My crystal ball tells me that the Federal government may just decide to keep its promise to appoint an accessibility commissioner some time in the first quarter of this year as well as to appoint a chief accessibility officer.


Canadians with disabilities will continue to encounter challenges when it comes to convincing Federal government departments and other entities to pay them for their skills and expertise.


The pandemic will continue to affect the accessibility of Canadian students with disabilities when it comes to education and we will need to continue to work harder to protect their rights.


A Canadian disability income allowance looks doubtful for 2022.


You may say that my crystal ball has not really predicted anything surprising but there you have it.


Just my two cents for today.

Image = A bright white light emanates from the center of a beautiful crystal ball sitting atop a purple linen cover. Blurred lights in the background.


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