Everyone has a hero


Come to think of it, we each all have a hero don’t we?  It could be anyone from a parent or grandparent to a favourite family member or sibling or even a teacher, professor, or someone else!


For millions of soccer fans around the world, the late Pelé as he was lovingly known was their hero and for very good reason.  The Brazilian super star wowed soccer fans for decades and began his rise to heroism at the tender age of 15.


Funny how it is that when it comes to sports, we do not seem to have too much difficulty identifying our heroes. Pelé was so very special!  A man way beyond his years with skills that will probably never be rivaled by anyone else.  We loved him purely for his soccer Prowess’s!  Nothing less!


It did not matter that he was Brazilian!  He was the hero of those millions from around the world who admired him and looked up to him.  He was one of the greatest sporting influencers that we will ever see.


Now, if only we can translate the above into having other heroes who can teach us as he did?  Others  who can set examples for us to learn from and to follow?  It is not too late to adopt this trend.


Just my two cents for today.

Image = Pelé with a soccer ball as an older man

! It shows him more recently, as an older man, lovingly cradling a soccer ball near his face. He’s smiling and his eyes are closed, and he appears almost spiritual.



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