The QR code dilemma


This is a challenge that continues to grow as more entities get into the trend or habit of asking that we use a QR Code in order to access information or anything else.  O yes!  I understand that this is being done for various reasons including such things as security or easier access but truth be told I am just wondering how someone who is either blind or vision impaired or someone without access to an iPhone or someone who cannot even use a QR code will be able to conquer this barrier?


I cringe each time I hear the announcer say either during a commercial on tv or during an infomercial that one needs to enter the QR code shown on one’s screen in order to access whatever is needed or required.  If the QR code is not announced then I cannot know what is being displayed on my tv’s screen.


This is similar to when it is announced that I should call the number listed on my screen.  I cannot call this number listed on my screen because I am unable to see it and the only way for me to know what this number is, is if it is announced.  I can only urge those involved to please find a way to have QR codes announced whenever it is flashed on a tv screen.


Just my two cents for today.

Image =, combined  picture of a TV with a QR code (which points to the Sterling Creations .ca site).



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