Dear Friends,

Barrier Free Canada is again grateful to all of you for staying connected with us. We are very proud to have had a powerful presence in the creation of the Accessible Canada Act (ACA). This Act is a historical landmark in Canadian History and we would like to continue to work to stay connected with you, as we strive for equal opportunities for all in Canada. Barrier Free Canada is reaching out to you to please share events with us that are taking place in your community. We are looking for stories that positively impact people with varying disabilities. we invite you to connect with us at our Barrier Free Canada email: We would like to have stories and events from across Canada of what is happening across our country that impacts fellow Canadians with disabilities. Please share the links that will connect us with your community and how you are working towards a more inclusive society.

The following information is being provided in an accessible PDF format in order to preserve its original formatting and style. Please access this document using this link

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