In honour of the late Chris Stark who passed on in June 2019.

Barrier free Canada – Canada sans Barrières is pleased to announce our call for applicants!

If you have been an advocate for at least 10 years or know of anyone who has been; then we invite you to submit your name and/or ask them to submit theirs to

Or feel free to submit the name of someone you believe would be a worthy candidate.


  • At least 10 years of advocacy work Federally or Provincially
  • Experience in working with Federal and/or provincial governments
  • Examples of leadership are paramount.

Experience in dealing with any of the following:

  • Complaints processes, mediation processes, tribunals
  • Canadian radio and tele communications (CRTC) and the tele communications industry
  • Canadian Human Rights Commission (CHRC) and any other disability rights organizations
  • Canadian transportation agency (CTA) and the transportation industry
  • Elections Canada or Elections Ontario
  • The banking industry

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