Since this new act relates to federal jurisdiction, my hopes for the difference it should bring to my life, as a senior who is deafblind.

I often must travel with a guide or with my guide dog. For purchasing a ticket I must do this via phone, and under-go lengthy processing time. This is not equal treatment and once my information is with the company I am flying with, taking the train or Ferry, I should be able to get the extra seat without having to spend time on the phone that other travelers do not have to do.

My hope is to be able to purchase tickets for myself and/or sighted guide or guide dog.

I have difficulty to learn how to utilize the online systems of banking institutions, because if I am learning by having to use a computer to read a manual, and the item I am learning to use is also via the computer, it is too complicated for me to learn. My hope is that Federally incorporated banks will provide personal training in how to use their online services.

Technology changes so fast, online services must make changes as well, and I feel I am being left behind.

When it comes to learning about using systems that are designed to make life easier for citizens I hope to not fall further behind because of the way I am expected to learn how to use these programs and services.

I am deafblind. Often trying to hear YouTube or other videos on how to learn something is not possible. I need a file where I can use a Braille display or a hard paper copy.

Photo Alt: Image. Silhouette of a woman kneeling in a meadow, her head down, fists on her forehead, with her guide dog sitting in front of her with his right paw on her arms, comforting her.

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