Is this the real Rogers?

It always gives me great pleasure when an unhappy circumstance turns into a happy ending and this is exactly what happened in this instance.

To summarize: I sent an email to the designated email address for complaints to Rogers communications. In it I requested to be put in touch with someone with regard to some of their website’s inadequacies and the apparent failure to meet the Worldwide Consortium’s accessibility guidelines.
I also requested that my bill be sent to me in an alternate format that I could read independently with my screen reader.

About two weeks later I received an email from the president’s office inviting me to either email or call them and I called them.
We had a very useful discussion re the issues that I raised and in addition I also raised the issue of how 2 of Rogers Communications technicians handled the conversion of my cable tv to their Ignite platform.

I told the president’s rep that with the first visit, one of my tv outlets failed to work and with the second visit the technician was sloppy and reckless. He did not put back my dresser and he left bits and pieces of cable tie on my carpet causing me to step on it and bruise the bottom of my foot. In not putting back my dresser it caused me to bang into the dresser because as a vision impaired person I did not know how much he had moved the dresser. Then he damaged the sound bar to my tv causing it to stop working.

She listened attentively and reimbursed me for the cost of the new sound bar and promised to look further into this matter.
I came away from this call feeling sure that she would do as she promised.

For whereas I am still not happy with how the Rogers Communications technicians handled my visits I am satisfied that I received appropriate engagement and communication. I can only say that if one is not happy re how customer service is rendered, they need to speak up in a courteous and professional manner. Companies really need to work harder to train their technicians in the rudiments of proper customer service and on the other side of the picture consumers also need to do their part.

Just my two cents for today.
Image = a photo of a bunch of neglected/derelict communications equipment,

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