Alt: Image of a light blue maple leaf with a white diagonal section of the leaf missing, giving the appearance of a circle with a line through it that bans what is on the inside. This maple leaf is intended to ban inaccessibility. To the right of the light blue maple leaf are the words, ‘Barrier Free Canada’ and ‘Sans Barrière Canada’.

I would like to personally thank Professor Donna Saccutelli who was absolutely instrumental in getting the faculty of Inclusive Design at Seneca College ( to have their students design the new logo for the Barrier Free Canada / Canada sans Barrières Website.

Barrier-Free Canada / Canada Sans Barrieres (BFC / CSB) advocates for the Canadian Parliament to enact a strong and effective Canadians with Disabilities Act (CDA) to achieve a barrier-free Canada for all persons with disabilities.

As if that weren’t enough, Professor Saccutelli then asked one Jessica Cooper, a former student of hers, to assist us in refreshing the Barrier Free Canada / Canada sans Barrières website. To which she so graciously agreed, and did such an amazing job. I have known the professor for a few years now, and both she and Jessica have always shown a sincere and motivated interest in helping us to move the Barrier Free Canada / Canada sans Barrières website forward, for which I am so very grateful.

Recently Jessica moved on in her work and career and I found myself in need of a new website administrator for the Barrier Free Canada / Canada sans Barrières website in a hurry.

Having worked with Aaron Di Blasi and Mind Vault Solutions, Ltd. since early 2012 on one of my other websites,, I immediately sent an email, explained my situation, and as is always the case with Mind Vault, found myself on a conference call with Aaron not more than 12 hours later. I provided him with the credentials for the site, he looked it over briefly and said, “no problem Donna. I think we can do more than just administrate this. I think we can help you to grow it.” And so, this is indeed what we plan to do.

I am very excited to announce that the Barrier Free Canada / Canada sans Barrières website at will now be providing fully described images for all pages, posts and articles going forward. Courtesy of Mind Vault Solutions, Ltd. (

We have some other enhancements in the works as well so please stay tuned.

Until then, we look forward to keeping you informed.


Donna J. Jodhan, Founder and President
Barrier Free Canada / Canada sans Barrières

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