We are very pleased to congratulate Minister Qualtrough on the initiative to establish this very important advisory group as there are many Canadians with disabilities who are quite concerned over how their needs and requirements are going to be met. From concerns over health issues, to financial issues, to social distancing, and more.

We believe that each time that the government rolls out any type of initiative to help combat COVID-19, the voices, needs, and concerns of Canadians with disabilities must also be included.

While the COVID-19 Disability Advisory Group (CDAG) includes strong representation from a cross-section of the disability community, it is important that the individuals appointed to the CDAG actually be representatives on behalf of their constituents, and not merely of the organizations with which they are affiliated.

We encourage all those sitting as representatives on the CDAG to engage in broad and inclusive consultation with their respective communities, to ensure that a broad spectrum of views and experiences are considered.

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