Barrier Free Canada – Canada sans Barrières is delighted to share that we have been asked to appear via video link on May 1st 2019 at 5:15 PM.

Originally, our invitation to appear on April 11th 2019 had been rescinded.

We would like to thank those who helped to make this happen with special thanks to Senator Jim Munson and Daniel Charbonneau, Clerk of the Senate Standing Committee.

Photo Alt: Barrier Free Canada Logo. Image of a light blue maple leaf with a white diagonal section of the leaf missing, giving the appearance of a circle with a line through it that bans what is on the inside. This maple leaf is intended to ban inaccessibility. To the right of the light blue maple leaf are the words, ‘Barrier Free Canada’ and ‘Sans Barriere Canada’. Welcome to Barrier Free Canada.

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