Barrier Free Canada – Canada Sans Barrières is pleased to announce the 2021 Barrier-Free Business Award!

This is the inaugural year for this award and it is meant to identify a business that has gone above and beyond to ensure that its physical space exceeds accessibility expectations. Looking at both the built environment as well as the inclusive atmosphere created with the specific intention to ensure that it is welcoming to ALL Canadians, including those living with disabilities.

The Barrier-Free Business Award is a recognition that identifies businesses and organizations operating in Canada that have demonstrated a commitment to accessibility and the inclusion of people with disabilities. Businesses nominated for this award must have a physical location exceeding accessibility design standard minimums and exemplify leadership in providing opportunities for individuals living with disabilities. Each year this award will be given out on December 3rd to coincide with International Day of Persons with Disabilities and help to acknowledge the businesses in our communities that are leading the way in providing inclusive environments and removing barriers for those individuals currently facing physical exclusion and living in isolation.

We will be putting out a call for nominations along with criteria for qualifying shortly after Labor Day.

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