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Dear friends of BFC,

On behalf of the Board of BFC, I am sending you a message of hope that during this year you experience less barriers and a lot more fun in 2022.

In November I began transitioning into the role of President of BFC. During the last few months, I have worked with members of the Board to recruit new members to the Board and get myself up to speed on the activities of the various committees.

I can tell you that BFC has attracted more people with diverse disabilities so that we represent a wider scope of persons with lived disabilities.

We have seen some members leave the Board to pursue other paths. Albert Ruel resigned in December 2021. He will be missed for his solid contributions and as a valued member I could always count on for support. Thank you Albert for the help and experience you provided over the last few years.

Anthony Tibs had to submit his resignation due to personal reasons. We wish Anthony all the very best in what he endeavors to do.

Also, the founder of BFC, Donna Jodhan, stayed on the Board to assist in handing over the reins of this barrier-breaking organization. Donna has now resigned to put her efforts into personal new adventures. We send heart-felt best wishes to Donna in having success in her new endeavors and that hoping she is as successful in those plans as she was in creating BFC.

With new people and fresh ideas, I know my next report on the activities of BFC will demonstrate some new ways BFC is going to remove barriers by working with you all.

Removing barriers is everyone’s business. We will work with you, encourage, educate, and cheer you on to keep working to identify barriers and then work together to remove them.

I always welcome any suggestions and feedback regarding the work of BFC.

Please send messages to:

Penny Leclair

President, Barrier Free Canada

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