A topsy turvy world


We are living in a world where technology appears to be the tail that is wagging the dog!  Where most of us seem to be victims to the whims and fancies of emails, texts, messages, and the like.  Sadly enough, we seem to be quickly losing our abilities to stop, think, and consider.  We respond to the above on the fly!  We do not seem to have any rhyme or reason when we respond or prioritize our responses.  Instead, we provide excuses such as “emails are not being monitored or I lost your email in the shuffle.”


In short, we appear to be marching to a very dangerous drum!


The other day a lady wanted to have her baby baptized and she sent several emails to her Parish’s Church to make a request but alas!  None of the emails were acknowledged and it was only when she sought the assistance of another Church to intervene on her behalf that her parish’s church acknowledged her emails.


Their excuse was that they were not monitoring their emails!  A very troubling excuse indeed!


So what is the lesson here or rather what is the message?  Are we failing to stop, think, and consider choosing instead to ignore and not even take the time to monitor?  Is it easier then to proffer weak excuses instead of owning up to our falterings?


I can only hope that this madness starts to abate soon or else we are going to be in for very rough seas of our very own making.


Just my two cents for today.


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