November 1, 2018

Hon. Carla Qualtrough

Minister of Public Services,

Procurement & Accessibility

HUMA Committee


Dear Minister Qualtrough and HUMA Committee Members:


21 new Organizations of and for Canadians with Disabilities have joined the original signatories to our October 30, 2018 Open letter.  The letter, as you will recall, urges you and your colleagues on the HUMA Committee to carefully consider the nine key areas of concern briefly outlined in that correspondence.  Madame Minister and HUMA Committee Members, we are encouraged by this swift increase in support to our call and hope it helps make clear the importance that our community attaches to these concerns.  Below please find a listing of these organizations for your information.

  1. Canadian Centre on Disability Studies
  2. SPH Planning and Consulting Ltd.
  3. The Law, Disability & Social Change Project
  4. Manitoba League of Persons with Disabilities
  5. Canadian Epilepsy Alliance/ L’Alliance canadienne de l’épilepsie 
  6. National Coalition of People who use Guide and Service Dogs in Canada
  7. Disability Justice Network of Ontario (DJNO)
  8. Nova Scotia Association for Community Living
  9. Nova Scotia League for Equal Opportunity 
  10. National Educational Association of Disabled Students (NEADS)
  11. Disability Alliance of British Columbia 
  12. Disability Positive 
  13. Coalition of Persons with Disabilities (NL)
  14. Realize / Réalise
  15. Calgary Ability Network Human Rights
  16. Muscular Dystrophy Canada
  17. Down Syndrome Association of Ontario
  18. Southern Alberta Individualized Planning Association
  19. Gateway Association (Edmonton)
  20. Alliance for Equality of Blind Canadians Toronto Chapter
  21. BALANCE for Blind Adults

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