Bill C-81 Recommended Changes for the Senate

Lawyers sitting at a table discussing contract papers with brass scales of justice in the background and a wooden gavel and sounding board in the foreground.

Presented by the Federal Accessibility Legislation Alliance DRAFT Dec 17, 2018 Who We Are The Federal Accessibility Legislation Alliance (FALA) is a partnership of 58 disability-related organizations from across Canada who have joined together to advise on the development of strong and effective legislation. Position Statement FALA expects that the… Read more“Bill C-81 Recommended Changes for the Senate”

The Barrier free Canada – Canada sans barriers December 2018 newsletter

Barrier Free Canada Logo. Image of a light blue maple leaf with a white diagonal section of the leaf missing, giving the appearance of a circle with a line through it that bans what is on the inside. This maple leaf is intended to ban inaccessibility. To the right of the light blue maple leaf are the words, 'Barrier Free Canada' and 'Sans Barriere Canada'. Welcome to Barrier Free Canada.

Dear Supporter: we would like to start by once again thanking you for your continuing support and words of encouragement for it is only with you and through you that we as an organization can continue to thrive and to encourage others to speak up, speak out, and engage each… Read more“The Barrier free Canada – Canada sans barriers December 2018 newsletter”